About Us

About Us

Welcome to Dublin Events, the heartbeat of Ireland’s vibrant capital!

Founded and passionately led by Maebh, Dublin Events is more than just a website—it’s your comprehensive guide to the rich tapestry of experiences Dublin has to offer. From its historic landmarks and cozy pubs to its bustling markets and avant-garde art scenes, our city is a symphony of stories, and we’re here to share them all with you.

Our Mission

At Dublin Events, our mission is clear and simple: to connect locals and visitors alike with the best of Dublin. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, looking for the perfect venue to celebrate a special occasion, or simply exploring what’s new in town, we strive to be your go-to source for all things Dublin.

Why Choose Dublin Events?

Local Expertise:

Born and raised amidst Dublin’s cobbled streets and charming neighborhoods, Maebh’s firsthand knowledge and love for the city shine through in every recommendation.

Curated Experiences:

We don’t just list places; we share experiences. Each listing is handpicked, ensuring you experience Dublin as authentically as possible.

Community Driven:

We believe in the power of community. That’s why we often collaborate with local artists, businesses, and enthusiasts to bring you unique events and experiences.

A Note from Maebh:

“Dublin, with its rich history and modern charm, has always been close to my heart. Through Dublin Events, I aim to share my passion for this wonderful city with all of you. Whether you’re a local rediscovering the magic of home or a visitor exploring Dublin for the first time, I hope Dublin Events helps you create memories that last a lifetime. Sláinte!”

Join us on this journey and dive deep into Dublin’s treasures. Whether it’s the stories of old or the buzz of the new, with Dublin Events, you’re bound to discover something special.

Thank you for choosing Dublin Events. We look forward to guiding you through our beloved city.

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