Category: Hikes in Ireland

  • Killarney to Torc Waterfall

    Killarney to Torc Waterfall

    Step into a mesmerizing journey as the paths of Killarney lead you to the mythical Torc Waterfall, where Ireland’s tales and trails come alive.

  • Lough Leane River Walk

    Discover the breathtaking beauty of Lough Leane River Walk in County Kerry, Ireland. Immerse yourself in nature and explore this 3.2-km trail surrounded by mountains, wildlife, and Innishfallen Island. Perfect for birdwatching, running, and walking.

  • Mountain Safety in Killarney

    Planning a mountain adventure in Killarney? Ensure your safety with essential tips. Dial 999 or 112 for mountain rescue emergencies. Kerry Mountain Rescue Team is there to help. Severe weather, navigation skills, and essential equipment are crucial. Choose walking clubs or navigation courses for beginners. Plan your route carefully and carry waterproof clothing, maps, food,…

  • Winter Solstice Series

    Winter Solstice Series

    Killarney, known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich history, offers an enchanting experience like no other, especially during the Winter Solstice. As the shortest day approaches, it’s not just about the dawn of winter but also about retracing steps taken by ancients, celebrating rituals, and being one with nature. We have curated three distinct walks,…

  • Ridge of the Reeks: A Trek Through Killarney’s Peaks and Valleys

    Ridge of the Reeks: A Trek Through Killarney’s Peaks and Valleys

    Nestled amidst the sprawling beauty of Killarney is one of its most revered trails, the Ridge of the Reeks. This expedition isn’t just a hike; it’s an immersive experience into the heart of Ireland’s breathtaking landscape. Quick Summary Details Ridge of the Reeks Length of Hike: Approx. 12 km Duration: Approx. 7-8 hours Starting Point:…

  • Walks in Killarney National Park

    Walks in Killarney National Park

    Title: Walks in Killarney National Park Meta description: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Killarney National Park with guided walks through forests, mountains, and lakes. Suitable for all fitness levels. Lace up and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

  • Walk the Wicklow Way

    Walk the Wicklow Way

    Uncover the hidden treasures and untold stories of Wicklow’s rich history as you walk the ancient Wicklow Way, where every step reveals a new mystery.